ifelse95's house


a raibow, sparkling house

welcome to ifelse95's website! relax, take a look around, i have lots to see. make yourself at home!

i have art, a blog, game screenshots and renders, shrines, photos and more. this is the place where you can find everything from me in an all-in-one place.

i hope you enjoy your stay!

a blue, inflatable couch.


[ 5.23.23 ] about section created!

[ 5.21.23 ] 2022 artwork, koikatsu, and ts4 render galleries have been updated! in addition, there is also a new 2023 artwork gallery.

[ 5.11.23 ] front pages have a brand new look! i apologize for putting this off for so long... the first attempt was a disaster and i just wasn't motivated to try again until recently. the about section is soon to come!