yep. that's me.

this my personal site. to present. to express myself. to do whatever i feel like, really. i update it whenever i can.

my name is cyrus. i am 22 year old nonbinary person (my pronouns are they/them) who likes to create and play when i have the energy to. i am a lesbian, taken by my beloved girlfriend. i am also mentally ill and neurodivergent, and that is as much as i am willing to share on this page here. i'm also a taurus, if that matters to you?

i like to make things, anything really. i mostly draw. sometimes i write. sometimes i make game edits and renders. i'm trying to code and stuff too. oh, and i love my ocs a whole lot! however, as mentioned before, i do these things when i have the energy to. i don't have much of that going around these days.

i'm still a beginner at HTML and CSS. i am currently studying web development at my local community college.

feel free to put my button on your site. just save it to your server first!

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