ifelse95's handheld collection!


this page will introduce you to my handheld gaming console collection. it is a small collection, but one i highly cherish. i don't collect for any financial gain or anything like that, i simply collect because i just like having cool stuff.

these are almost all nintendo consoles, but i have something from sony as well. shall we get right to it?

a closed, dark blue nintendo ds lite

Blue DS Lite

this is the oldest console in my collection. it was gifted to me by a friend i've now lost contact with. he gave it to me along with a copy of Pokemon Diamond after hearing that i've never played a pokemon game before. i remember him shipping it to me and everything, and getting the package and all. i still have the copy of Diamond somewhere.

an open dark blue nintendo ds lite. it is on the homescreen.

it's a little dirty and has a busted hinge, but it doesn't really bother me that much. the hinge is also rather loose, which can be a bit bothersome, but i cherish it nonetheless.

a closed, pink, transparent nintendo ds lite.

Pink Transparent DS Lite

this... was an impulse purchase, one day. an ebay seller was selling refurbished dses, and i originally ordered one in transparent blue. however, the seller sent me a message telling me they were out of that particular housing, and asked me if i would be interested in a different color. i went with pink, and i think this was what sparked my new love for pink in the recent year lol.

an open pink, transparent nintendo ds lite. it is on the homescreen of a flash cart, featuring a rainbow background.

it feels a little funny, but that's really all i have to complain about. i love this thing to death otherwise. i've always loved transparent technology. i have a transparent pro controller too lol. anyways, a while back my girlfriend gave me a ds flash cart, so that's currently loaded up on this ds right now.

a closed black nintendo new 3ds xl. it is covered in stickers, and has a mega blaziken charm on it

New 3DS XL

this was a birthday present for my 16th. i actually... didn't touch it for a while after i got it. i only had animal crossing for it and i eventually got bored of that. so it's in relatively great condition. once i moved out however, i hacked it. now i play it a lot more! it was also my first console i've ever hacked. it was very stressful lol. i even made my own theme and badge for it, featuring my oc Mei.

an open black nintendo new 3ds xl. it features a theme with an alien girl also playing a 3ds, in blue.

i kind of regret putting stickers directly onto it, but i was in a sticker-bombing phase. i try to make peace with it now. maybe i'll put more on there, it seems a little empty. in other news, now that i think about it, i think my copy of Diamond is in this console...

a black playstation vita. it is currently on, displaying a cheeseburger and the time being 5:51 PM. there is a blue wrist strap attached to a loop in the console with the playstation vita logo on it.

Playstation Vita Model 1000

ever since i was a kid, i've wanted a playstation vita. why? to play Project Diva, of course. i got my first taste of the vita experience when my girlfriend, wertercatt, bought a PSTV. it was hacked and we loaded all sorts of games onto it, Project Diva included. eventually, i thought it would be cool to get my own as the original handheld.

when the time came, i bought this vita at the tail-end of a severe winter depression. it was my sort of gift to myself for staying alive. and boy. the wait for this thing was painful. i believe it was late. oh how i yearned for my vita. but in the end, i got it! and i hacked it, made my own theme, and played Project Diva.

a nintendo switch with neon pink and green joycons. it is currently on the home screen

Nintendo Switch

this is the most recent addition to my collection, a christmas gift from my girlfriend. at first, i wasn't really interested in the switch. but after playing my girlfriend's switch, i had a change of heart. this switch is a secondhand, first generation switch. and it's banned, but that i don't care about at all.

my girlfriend also got me a jig, and you bet i hacked this switch as well. no custom theme yet, i haven't figured it out. unlike my previous hacked consoles, this one doesn't stay hacked after it's powered off at this time, so i have to keep it on and charged.

And those are my Handhelds!

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