A page dedicated to my bunny, Ticket!

Welcome to my page dedicated to my pet bunny, Ticket. From the moment I laid eyes on him, I have cherished him and wanted the best for him. It's safe to say that he's really changed my life haha.

General Info

NAME: Ticket

AGE: Just under a year old

ADOPTED: October 2021

BREED: Harlequin Rex

FAV. FOOD: Apples, Bananas, Kale, Dandelions

The Adoption of Ticket

Prior to owning Ticket, I had never had a bunny before. When I first met Ticket, he rested in my arms very calmly. That was the moment I instantly fell in love. I held him in my lap on the way home, where he nuzzled into my arm and slept. He was so little, I was scared of breaking him.

We initially thought he was actually a girl, at first. His first trip to the vet proved this to be false. Thankfully, I gave him a rather gender neutral name.

Why "Ticket?"

I named him Ticket mostly because of my synesthesia. He had a very golden vibe to him, and "ticket" is a word I see in gold. Plus, he had the ticket to my heart, apparently haha.

What's he like?

His fur is really soft, but his claws aren't. He doesn't try to scratch me, but sometimes it happens. Sometimes he's a bit naughty. Lately, he has been removing the hay feeding wire of his feeder and tossing it around. It makes a big ol mess... but I still love him dearly.

He is very energetic and playful. As well as quite curious. He loves soft materials, such as blankets and pillows, either to snuggle with or to try to dig into. He has his own blankie and a bed that he can't dig into easily.

Ticket also likes the thump his lil foot when he wants attention. At first I thought something spooked him, and maybe sometimes something does, but I've noticed this happen when my girlfriend and I are busy with our own projects at the same time.

Oh, and have I mentioned just how smart he is? He knows his name, when I tell him "no," when I tell him "that's you!" after I say his name. He can be a little too smart sometimes, too, like learning to remove the hay feeding wire as mentioned before...

I love my baby bun so much. I hope you love him too. He loves you!

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