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[ 7.27.22 ]this site is now a part of the "Lesbians on the Internet" webring! you can find the widget below this updates box.

[ 6.24.22 ]A site map has been created.

[ 6.21.22 ]new journal entry! feel free to check it out!

[ 5.29.22 ] the OC directory is now open! there is only one character in it at the moment, but do feel free to check it out.

[ 4.24.22 ] my first fanpage has been published, dedicated to my dear pet bunny Ticket! come check it out!

[ 4.19.22 ] new gallery, updates section on home page is now an iframe, and now there should be an rss feed for the site in general. also, new blog post about metaphysical and thrift store treasures.

[ 4.18.22 ] lots of new stuff! new blog post (now with rss!), new zepeto gallery additions, a brand new sims 4 renders gallery, and some other stuff i might be forgetting.

[ 4.5.22 ] new blog post! check it out here!

[ 3.30.22 ] fixed the galleries not loading some images and added a new one! check it out

[ 3.27.22 ] new art added to the 2022 art gallery!

[ 3.24.22 ] a whole new layout is here. i needed something to do to get me out of a depressive slump.

[ 2.11.22 ] new font!

[ 1.3.22 ] happy new year! 2022 art gallery is now up and running. not much there yet, though.