This page will list all characters I write in this setting. If their name is a link, that means there is a Toyhouse page for them with more info. This page will only have brief intros!




AKA: exuberantNoise, feverishUproar, Samus

Mei Kitten is an alien from the planet Hepi, who discovered the members of SBARG after modifying her Cube Device to access foreign networks when she was younger. She formerly worked as a Planet Explorer for the Capital City Laboratories, but now is a secretary for her wife, Katyleen Kitten. She is also currently in hiding from said Labs. Mei is usually pretty friendly and kind, and cares deeply about her loved ones. Shes also smart and loves to learn, especially if it's about space.


AKA: rebelliousNoise

Mai is an alien from planet Hepi, and the younger twin brother of Mei by 5 minutes. Mai officially became involved with the Dungeon Crashers a little after Mei did, at first just hanging around, but then later began participating in dungeon crawls. He is primarily a freelance artist, and is skillful in many mediums. He is a little more introverted compared to his sister, and is a bit brash and eccentric. However, he is very passionate, and will protect the hell out of his loved ones.


AKA: eriiAi, edwinAi

ERII was formerly the AI that resided in Mei's Cube Device, before he was granted an android body after having his death faked. He works in the Hospital on Desertia alongside Mei and Mai's parents, since he had downloaded a ton of medical information onto his system. Despite being an android now, he still has an AI form that he uses to navigate his AI-Space and the Friendship Network. ERII is outgoing and friendly, but a bit awkward. He must keep busy or he will get bored, which would drive him batty.


AKA: kazAi

KAZ is the AI that resides in Mai's Cube Device. Unlike ERII, he does not have an android body. He mostly watches the #dungeon-crashers-memo quietly, but will occasionally pop in from time to time. He also spends a lot of time in his AI-Space, sometimes coming out into the Friendship Network. KAZ comes off as very unkind and hostile at first, but if you can get to his gooey center, he is at worst timid and will attempt to be friendly. If he's really comfortable, he's a goofball and a little strange.



AKA: Nini, Small Mom, Dr. Amaia

Amaia is the Nini (birth-giver) or number one of two mothers of Mei and Mai. Back on Hepi, she was a general physician at a local clinic. Now, she is one of the main doctors at the Hospital on Desertia. Amaia is friendly and warm, but can be a little strict on some occasions if she finds herself in a serious mood. She is a total bookworm, having collected many, many books. Most of them medical tomes. She also loves to cook, and cooks for her patients these days. She's still learning human foods, though.


AKA: Nana, Tall Mom, Dr. Meika

Meika is the Nana (child-helper) or number two of two mothers of Mei and Mai. Back on Hepi, she was a physical therapist and chiropractor, officially certified and self employed. Now, however, due to a lack of patients needing such care, she mostly acts as a nurse/secretary/secondary cook/whatever else for the Hospital on Desertia. Meika can be a bit scary at first, and this could be because of her delinquent past, but she's not all that bad once you get to know her. She's actually pretty kind and cautious on the inside. Meika loves gardening and plants, and will tell you all about it if you get her going.


AKA: solitaryChemist

Yo is one of Mei's former co-workers at the Labs, a pharmaceutical chemist. They are hardly ever seen without their companion, a test bot they have named Lon. Yo also provides information to the Dungeon Crashers about the Capital City Laboratories, anything that could help. They are incredibly smart and secretly a jack of all trades in regards to different fields of study in the science world. However, they are grumpy, cynical, and quiet, and become quite awkward when exiting that protective shell of theirs.


AKA: Test Bot #3845, testBot3845

Lon is a test bot for the Capital City Laboratories, and is always seen by Yo's side. They act as their assistant, and a translator when communicating with the Dungeon Crashers memo. Unlike the other test bots, this one is a bit more playful and mischievous. And they enjoy singing, even though the voice synthesis software in their system does not support singing.


AKA: facility67Ship80765, fancyStar

Kevo is the adoptive child of ERII, who usually spends their days playing and exploring Toontown Rewritten, Minecraft, or cyberspace (with restrictions). They were formerly a ship AI who was very recently activated, hence them appearing as a child and acting childish. They wish to see the universe, and is a very excited and energetic kiddo.


AKA: catPact

Nico is the human boyfriend of Mai, and good friend of Mei. He helped the two navigate and learn about the version of Earth that he is from during Mei's mission. Nico is shy and awkward, but does his best to put himself out there regardless. He loves video games, and even develops his own in his free time.



AKA: The Head Scientist

Not much is known about the Head Scientist, other than they are incredibly important and incredibly intelligent. You have to be for this kind of position.


AKA: peacefulSuggestion

Xen is one of the higher-ups of the Planet Exploration Division in the Capital City Laboratories, and like a child to the Head Scientist. They're a total jerk half of the time, but can get away with it due to their good looks and a spontaneous act of innocence. Despite acting so high and mighty, they only act that way because they know they have backup from the Head Scientist. Otherwise, they are cowardly. They also have attempted to kill Mei at least twice, among other things, and it's suspected that it wasn't even their first rodeo either.


AKA: peacefulSuggestion, coolHandle

Nii is the sidekick for Xen, inherently making them a bad guy as well. Between having a crush on Xen and generally being a bit of a pushover, they will do anything they say and while having full trust in Xen. Nii is otherwise a hard-worker, perhaps a bit of a perfectionist, and a bit timid.




Carrot Cake is a copper dragon with acid spit, gifted to Mei and her wife Katie by their friend Brae. They are steadily growing bigger each day, and loves their moms lots. Carrot Cake is a bit childish still, and enjoys watching the world around them. They are a bit shy around other dragons, however... save for their baby sister. This character is played by both me and my girlfriend.



Bibi is a Wooloo gifted to Mei by her friend Brae. She often spends her time exploring her surroundings, hanging out and playing with Mei, and relaxing. Mei had decided to not battle with Bibi, but instead to just raise her. Bibi is quite outgoing and passionate, and loves looking pretty. She can also be a little bit sassy, sometimes.



Pori is a shiny Wooloo gifted to Mai by his friend Brae. He tends to like accompanying Mai as he works out, occasional playing, and secretly love pets and attention. Mai has yet to decide wether if he would like to battle with Pori. Pori is laid back, but can get a bit fiesty. He is also rather quiet.



Tom is a tuxedo cat that belongs to Nico. He is lazy most days, but is sometimes known to get into some of your usual cat antics. He loves mayonnaise and attention.