Welcome to my page on my involvement in SBARGv2.5!

SBARGv2.5: Dungeon Crashers is a post-session Homestuck roleplay, where characters from previous SBARG sessions and characters not from any SBARG session come together to take down dungeons planted into various places of the universe by an evil energy company by the name of Voidco.

This part of my site will present things I have done for this roleplay, as well as the characters I play in this setting. A website more dedicated to SBARGv2.5 as a whole can be found here, made by my good friend Nick;

→ SBARGv2.5: Dungeon Crashers ←

Check the side menu to look around this section. In addition to having my own characters in this setting, I have also written an OC biography template, created a speadsheet for hotel room availability on Desertia, and have done a bit of illustration.

Join us on Discord! Hop into the roleplay or just hang out! Link below:

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