Welcome to ifelse95's Ukagaka Projects Page! Here, you can find information on various ukagaka/ghosts that I've worked on.

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An ukagaka (伺か), or ghost, is basically a desktop buddy. You will need something like SSP* to run one. Depending on the ghost, they can do various things. Their most basic functions include;

*NOTE: SSP runs natively on Windows. For Linux users, you can run SSP via WINE. For Mac users, you can use Ukagaka on Macs, NiseRingo, PlayOnMac+SSP, or WineBottler. For Android users, you can use Ukagaka for Android. I have so far tested SSP on both Windows 10 and Arch Linux, and I have tested Ukagaka on Android. All work well, but I highly recommend SSP, as that is what I develop for.