it's been a long time, huh? lately, when i try to write about my thoughts, i've been feeling some sort of weird "stage fright." i need to work on that.

today i want to talk about my day. just to keep it simple and to get back into the swing of writing my thoughts out.

today i woke up at about 9ish AM. i was very sleepy, but i managed to not fall back asleep. after all, i had a psychiatry appointment this morning.

i was hallucinating very mildly this morning. i don't even remember what i was hearing, actually. it just reminded me to take my meds, which i did.

i then got dressed. i found my Spirited Away printed tee and a black skirt, so that's what i decided to go with today. i love rainbows, if you havent guessed yet, but i also love dark colors as well. after all, they're also a part of the color spectrum.

I'm pretty much ready to go at this point. I put in my soap bubble earrings and style my hair, grab my bag and head out with my girlfriend's mom (basically my mom in law lol). i can't drive yet, so i must rely on others for transportation, unfortunately. it was at this point when i heard that one of our chickens got snatched up by a hawk, and another had passed. which is strange and saddening, because we just had another beloved chicken pass shortly before.

so at this point, the day isnt going well. me and my MIL are bummed, but the show must go on. we pick up breakfast and i head to psychiatry just at the minute mark of when it was scheduled.

she raises the dose of my antipsychotics. i find it annoying, because i was talking about how i was fine. she wants my psychosis to completely disappear. i don't think she realizes that it wont completely disappear. and i've made peace with it and accepted it. but, it's whatever.

so i left that appointment kinda grumpy, and headed in to get my birth control shot done. i take this because my mental health hits rock bottom when i PMS, among other things. this was... an unexpectedly hard appointment. i won't go into the details today, but i was a bit misty eyed afterwards.

so now im really feeling like crap. im tired and i want to go home, but MIL wants to stop at a few places to pick up hawk deterrents. im completely fine with this because fuck hawks (not really but please stop eating our chickens thanks).

we go to two stores. a sports and outdoors shop and the dollar store. i made two crow decoys kiss each other at the sports shop and found pokemon cards in abundance at the check out. at the dollar store, i picked up a couple bouquets of fake pink roses for my room. this makes me feel a bit better.

we then go to sonic and i get a milkshake. this proved to be a bad idea, because when i got home, took a nap, woke up and checked my blood sugar, it was rather high.

curse my sonic milkshake cravings. so i grab my switch, hoping to dear god that it hasn't run out of battery. i turn it on and its JUST on the brink of death so i made a mad dash to the dock and plopped that baby in just in time. then my girlfriend informed me that she heard me run like a mad man across the house. :P

anyway, so i decide to play Ring Fit Adventure. man. this game always kicks my ass. i need to play it more often, though. exercising actually gives me more energy and i feel good doing it. often times, my exercising is just taking a walk. as it's now spring, i'll be doing that more often.

so my ass is thoroughly kicked afterwards. woohoo! i then shower and eat dinner and take my evening meds. aaaand... that takes us to here. hi!

if you actually read this, props to you. i don't expect me to publicly write about my day often, that's more for my private journal. so it's awesome if you read this.

i recently discovered the Yesterweb community, and it's really been a good thing for me. i am thinking about joining the webring, but i think there's more dust i want to clear away around here first before i do that. plus, my best friends have been supportive of my web design and mastering endeavors, so i'm thriving and fortunate to be doing so.

i hope you have a good and safe day/night. here's a song that's been stuck in my head lately.