as i am writing this, i am sitting on my mom's couch, across from my sister who is playing minecraft on her switch.

these past few days, i've been visiting with my mom and sister in ohio. i was born in this state. not in this house though. actually, my mom just moved into this house.

it feels wild being back in my home state. i haven't been here in a long time. i moved away from this place the day after my high school graduation in 2019.

i've visited a few times. but they've been spaced out for a while between visits. the last few times i've visited to care for my mom, but this time i came because i missed her. my girlfriend's parents were heading to a ham radio festival here in ohio, so i could come along and see my mom and sister.

unfortunately, i leave sometime tomorrow. i wish i could stay longer, but it is what it is. plus, i have to be back for a therapy appointment and to talk to a college counselor for school in the fall.

that's it from me for now. stay safe out there, everyone.