it's a been a little while! i've been kind of busy, and then less busy which caused depression to strike.

today i wanted to talk about something i've been playing by myself and with my friends lately. i'm sure you've heard of minecraft. well, we've been playing on java edition with a specific (modified) modpack. it's called Bliss.

A logo written in cursive that reads bliss. It has a pink and purple gradient on it.

this is its logo.

Bliss is a vanilla+, pretty much completely peaceful modded minecraft experience created by Vazkii, designed with relaxation and accessibility in mind. in Bliss there are many biomes to explore, mobs only attack when attacked, there's a wiki in game, and so much more. you can learn more on the Bliss website!

my girlfriend brought it to my attention a week or two ago. i decided to check it out. i ended up loving the modpack to pieces! it was new and unusual to me, having mobs not attack me as i explored the world around me.

a minecraft screenshot inside a cave. before the player is a zombie who is not hostile.

a friend inside a cave. I ended up modifying my modpack a bit, adding JourneyMap and AppleSkin.

i built a house in my single player world near a village. i also tamed a cat. i only ever died twice, and because of dumb reasons. but when i died, a totem of holding held my stuff for me until i returned!

a minecraft screenshot outside of a squarish house.

my single player house

a minecraft screenshot of a cat sitting on a bed.

my cat!

after watching me for a little while, my girlfriend held a poll on our friends' discord asking if she should start a Bliss server. in the end, the answers all pointed to yes, so she went ahead and created a server with a modified version of the modpack.

so me and my friends have been working on expanding a village we found on the server. when i spawned in, i chopped down a mahogany tree for wood and took its saplings with me.

i built a house out of mahogany wood and planted those saplings. over time... i might of grown a whole forest of mahogany trees.

a minecraft screenshot of a pinkish red house with a 1x1 tower of cobblestone in the front, along with a few cocoa beans growing on jungle wood logs.

my house as of now on the server. i don't really have any old pictures for some reason.

a minecraft screenshot of a backyard with a campfire and some stool. there is also sugar cane growing in the background, and there is a stable off to the side with a sign that reads, i'll build a less shitty stable later


a minecraft screenshot from high up, showing a scenery of a village with a mahogany forest in the distance

those trees back there are pretty much all mahogany trees.

we've mostly been collecting resources, building, exploring, etc. there's not really a set goal in mind for us right now, but i think we're fine with it. we just vibe with each other for the most part. and i think we really needed something like that for a while now.

that's all i have to talk about for now. my focus isnt very good at the moment, so i hope this wasnt too incoherent. i'll leave you with some extra screenshots.

a minecraft screenshot of ifelse95's minecraft skin, holding a knife. behind them is a mahogany tree forest.
a minecraft screenshot of a giant carrot sticking out of the ground.
a minecraft screenshot of ifelse95 and wertercatt on a date sitting by the campfire across from each other.
a minecraft screenshot of ifelse95 sitting high up looking through a looking glass.
a minecraft screenshot of two chickens, one adult and one baby