it's been a busy summer, for the most part. i kind of forgot about my website for a little bit, my apologies. although, i should be inspired to work on it soon, maybe. i'm officially going to start college for web development next week!

yep, big things are happening. i've done much preparing. i still need to do a little bit more, but i'm pretty much ready to go at this point. in addition to web development, i'll also be taking japanese.

i'm excited, but also antsy. mostly antsy to start school, but also antsy to see how it goes. but i feel ready for this. 3 years ago, i tried to attend college with mental illness that wasn't treated very well, on top of some really major life changes such as graduating high school and moving to the middle of the country on a whim. it didn't go very well, i had to drop out.

but, 3 years later, i do believe i am better than ever now. i've gotten treatment, i've generally grown as a person, i've adjusted to my new living situation. and i'm ready to make the next move in my life.

i won't give up this time. i really want this, a career in web dev. i think i can get good at it.

plus, if i do get good, this site could see some major improvements! and other fun stuff. depends on what i decide to learn.

well, that's all from me for now. i just wanted to give a little update on what i've been up to. i'm so excited!

stay safe and have a wonderful day everyone, take care.