im... very caffeinated right now. i didn't mean to get this way, but i am. anyways, onto the post

ive officially completed two weeks of college! but it's not time to celebrate yet. i need to make it to three weeks and then so, then i'll celebrate.

so... i'll just tell you about how things are going. things are going great! my professors and classes are awesome, except for one which i had to drop for this semester. i am currently majoring in *ahem* Web Development & Digital Design, as well as Liberal Arts. i am taking HTML & CSS, Javascript I, and Elementary Japanese I (from here on out, i may be practicing my hiragana). i am also in my college's GSA and i'm considering joining the club for latinos.

HTML & CSS has been super easy to pick up, with a few strange things here and there. like putting a line break in the middle of a paragraph.

<p>Like this. Here is a line. <br> Here is another.</p>

but besides that, its been fairly easy and the info seems to be sticking. although, it appears this course teaches as if you're building a site for a company. which i expected to a degree. it's just kind of boring. i initially started a site as a hobby project, a place to have fun and express myself. but alas, we live in a cooporate world where that isn't allowed, apparently. but if i want a career in this, i better learn to accept it.

Elementary Japanese I was been a much needed challenge. it's a difficult language, and im struggling to learn my hiragana, but i have an 84% in the class so far so i must be doing something right. im actually a little behind, which im going to take the next 5 days to catch up for. my professor is very nice, she gave me a long extension on my homework and said i could take today's quiz next week. she's also actually japanese, so im super nervous with my speaking around her lol. im trying to get over it.

i havent taken Javascript I yet... it actually starts next week after the long weekend. so i'll tell you later how that goes.

i think i'm doing well so far. i've made friends and i find it's easier to socialize in person when im around other adults (roughly) my age. i even had a couple of them check out my website. one wouldn't leave it, and it made me very flustered lol (you know who you are, if you decide to check my blog)

unfortunately... i have to rely on caffeine to get me going. but like, i guess who doesn't rely on caffeine these days? at the same time, however... it's not ideal sometimes. i've also started taking cbg/cbd gummies today, and i think that's playing with the caffeine ive had today and is supercharging me. on tuesday i'll skip the energy drink and try just a gummy and see how it goes. i dont have much anxiety at least!

im just happy to be doing something with my life again. if i could afford it, i'd go to school forever.

on an unrelated note, you should follow me on tumblr. i've been using it again lately. im ifelse95 on there, and started writing more short-form posts there.

im going to chug water now. have a safe day/night