i built a computer!

...with some help from my girlfriend. i wasn't very confident in my ability.

a screenshot of a windows 11 desktop with a few games off to the right and a couple pieces of other software off to the left. the wallpaper is of super sonico drinking out of a mug

my desktop as of tonight, feb. 4 2023!

i managed to be able to buy all the parts thanks to a college financial aid refund. i was unsure of my decision to build a computer at first, using this money... but i now believe it's been a good investment. it's the most powerful PC i've ever owned, it handles all my bullshit, and it will last me years to come.

for those who are curious about specs, here is a list;

i managed to put together most of the motherboard. my girlfriend handled the cooling system and putting it all in the case. i was too freaked out to try doing either of those things... my anxiety has been pretty bad lately.

now all i need is my desk... which should be coming next week at the earliest. my current sitting arrangments are awful and my back hurts so bad right now, so im gonna keep this short!

if you have any questions though, shoot them to me on tumblr, or you can email me. until next time!