so... i recently got a pikachu squishmallow. someone in my gender and sexuality club at college found him, and offered to pick one up for me. i was ecstatic! so i took on their offer, paid them for it, and recieved pikachu this last club meeting.

a round, egg-shaped pikachu squishmallow laying against a black and white backpack

these guys are being scalped lately. pikachu of this size was $15, and people are reselling them for $30-$50+ on sites like ebay.

this blog post is going to be mostly gushing over what is probably my number one favorite toy line... squishmallows!

as of today, february 10, 2023, i own 13 squishmallows. that's not a lot compared to some collectors' numbers, but i'm proud of what i have. i started collecting back in 2020, when i walked into my local walgreens and fell in love with Tomara.

a round, tie-dyed penguin plushie in various blues and purples. sitting upon her head is a silver crown.


i picked her up because i had seen my mom in law's squishmallows and i thought they were darling. so i wanted one of my own. i was content with just having the one, but as time went by, i started acquiring more either as gifts or from my own funds.

i love squishmallows because not only are they cute and creative, but in terms of sensory things they are very nice. often times they are soft to the touch and very, well, squishy. giving one of my larger ones a squeeze has soothed me greatly and has helped with my anxiety.

sometimes i worry about what others would think of my collection. i'm a 22 year old STEM major, surely i shouldnt be playing with toys... however, i just gravitate towards toys like these, for a number of reasons i wont get into right now. and i really shouldnt care what others think. when i think about that, my only worry becomes wondering how i explain to my future children that these stuffies are special and should be treated gently... we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

right now, most of my squishmallows sit on my bed. we recently got a king sized mattress, so we have a bit more room. my smaller ones sit on my newly built desk where they are less likely to get lost.

a pile of small plushies, two which are squishmallows, on a desk

only two of these guys are squishmallows... the rest are unrelated.

an arrangement of squishmallows on a bed, coming in various sizes and colors

here are my bigger ones! i was actually missing talib (the pterodactyl eating pizza) for a little bit because i didnt remember bringing him down. luckily i found him!

i love my little collection so much. i hope to get more, but im also perfectly content with what i have.

that's all i really want to say for right now. thank you for reading if you did. take care!